Lors d’une interview, Satoru Iwata aurait laché une phrase anodine sur la licence Pikmin… Les questions portaient surtout sur la 3DS, et voici l’extrait qui déclenché l’affaire :

* Itoi : Well…you know…this is really… Oh, that’s Pikmin! Great!”
* Miyamoto : Doesn’t Pikmin look great?
* Iwata : It seems like Pikmin is perfect for 3D.
* Miyamoto: I like the way they scurry around.
* Itoi: Pikmin is a game with a peculiar 3D effect as if you’re getting down on hands and knees to look at something small. Man, I want one of these! I’ll buy one, Prez! How much is it going to cost me, Prez?”

Bon j’avoue qu’un Pikmin de toute façon serait le bienvenue sur la 3DS


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