Agents of Mayhem – PS4, XBO, PC
Battlecrew Space Pirates – PC (nos impressions)
Call of Cthulhu – PS4, XBO, PC
Conan Exiles – PS4, XBO, PC
Crackdown 3 – XBO, PC
Cuphead – XBO, PC
Days Gone – PS4
Dawn of War III – PC (nos impressions)
Ever Oasis – 3DS
Get Even – PC, XBO, PS4 (nos impressions)
Gran Turismo Sport – PS4
God of War 4 – PS4
Knack 2 – PS4
Metal Gear Survive – PC, XBO, PS4
PaRappa The Rapper Remastered – PS4
Patapon Remastered – PS4
Prey – PS4, XB1, PC
Quake Champions – PC
State of Decay 2 – XBO
The Surge – PC, PS4, XBO (nos impressions)
Uncharted : The Lost Legacy – PS4
Vampyr – PC, PS4, XBO (nos impressions)
Le catalogue Switch

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